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Are you looking to get into product management? You’re not alone, according to an Agile Insider report The hiring trend for Product Manager’s (PM) grew over 30% between 2017 to 2019.

While growth during 2020 may have slowed, it certainly didn’t stop, and now in 2021 I can tell you from experience the growth is accelerating with a vengeance. Despite this growth, product management is also notoriously difficult to get into.

Entry level positions often require skillsets most don’t know how to build, and qualifications that seem un-fulfillable unless you are already in the field. …

Silicon Valley has long been considered the place to be to break into tech. Believing this myself, I moved there having been born only an hour and a half away, so that I could be close to it all. To be “in tech.”

While I don’t regret having made that move, I’ve come to realize that the work that is done in the tech industry, for the most part, can be done anywhere. …

woman holding cardboard with image of lightbulb
woman holding cardboard with image of lightbulb
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A few weeks ago I was asked an interesting question, “how can we get everyone to think bigger?” The question wasn’t for any particular lack of ideas on the product team, but because I tend to have a lot of very big and crazy ideas. Ideas that, while still aligned with the bigger picture, are a large departure from the product features already extant. It was an interesting question, one I’ve never really given thought to. What events have led me to think about things the way I do now? And how can that be applied to something actionable that…

Want to be a better Product Manager? Want to break into Product Management? Over the past several weeks a number of people have asked me what would be good resources for new or aspiring product managers. Here are some books I recommend that you can start reading today to both get in, and to get an edge.

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